3 Reasons Why LinkedIn is a Marketer's Best Friend

It’s no secret that Facebook is by far the most popular social network out there. With 1.19 billion monthly active users compared to LinkedIn’s 332 million, the discrepancy between the two is hard to miss. However, when it comes to marketing and improving yourself as a professional, LinkedIn is far and away the best tool you can use. Of course, we already know that it has the reputation as a professional networking and b2b communications website, but it is the features within the site that give it a marketing edge over Facebook.

  • Pulse
    Without even leaving LinkedIn you can become up-to-date on everything going on within your industry with their offering, Pulse. With news, blog posts and articles written by your favorite business leaders, you are able to create a custom newsfeed that presents you with only the most relevant content. Pulse is a great tool for reading about new marketing fads and learning new approaches to social media and marketing as a whole while reading advice from some of the most successful people in the world. Want some ideas on how to improve your approach to business or just some ideas for your next blog? This is a great place to look.
  • Groups
    Similar to Pulse, joining groups is a great way to find content that can help generate new ideas for your company. The only difference is, this is also a space for you to contribute new ideas and even market your brand. The majority of the posts are links to group member’s blogs so in a way, groups are all about promoting your company, without a hard sell. This, however is disguised as the sharing of advice or insight into a particular topic. A great way to utilize the group feature is to follow groups relevant to what you do. For instance, if you’re the digital marketing manager for a wealth management company, there will likely be a group revolving around generating new ideas for these companies.
  • Posting Content
    Just like Facebook, LinkedIn has its own news feed but considering the reputation and purpose of this social network, your business-related posts are more visible. Links, articles and shared content do not need to compete for space with videos of cats or status updates about someone’s wild weekend like it would on Facebook. Instead, everything shown on LinkedIn’s news feed is professional and business related. Posting to LinkedIn rather than Facebook is a simple way to weed out most of the irrelevant impressions your post might receive. That way you know you’re reaching people that will actually be interested in your content.

These days it seems like everyone puts the majority of their focus into Facebook and building their audience on just the one platform. If you aren’t paying much attention to LinkedIn, it’s never too late to start. From a marketing standpoint, it is your best friend. Content generation, growing your brand and b2b networking is made easy if you just use the tools effectively.

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