Understanding The Challenges

Every not-for-profit organization is challenged with building and maintaining a strong donor base. Stewardship, as it relates to higher education, is similar to acquisition, retention and loyalty type programs in the world of traditional marketing. It isn’t so similar, however, that the same processes and methodologies can be applied.

PPI Loyalty specializes in alumni, athletic and academic fundraising using our proprietary, and proven, methodology.


Inspire. Advocate. Motivate.

Our fundraising programs are designed to add new donors, and at the same time nurture and cultivate existing donors.

Our proven solutions will grow your donor database by…

  • Renewing the Loyal
  • Re-capturing the Lost
  • Convincing the Nevers


INSPIRE: It’s Vital to Add new Life to your Donor BaseNew donors must feel emotionally connected and that they truly can make a difference.  Managing expectations is key to showing prospective donors they will be valued.  We know it is absolutely more difficult to convince a donor to join, or re-join the cause, than it is to renew a current one.  And we know adding to your base is an equally important part of your stewardship goals.

Inspire communications should create a growing feeling of their value to the cause. They should express how important their contributions support current initiatives and the organizational goals.

ADVOCATE: Empower your Donors to become your EvangelistsUnderstanding why your donor base continues to support your mission is a major key.  For many, it’s as simple as wanting to know how their support is helping.  If they are made to feel that they are a big part of your successes, if they feel there is an emotional connection, they are more likely to stay involved.  Regularly engaging your current donors, to the point they feel evangelized, can grow your message exponentially. Your cause becomes their cause.

Advocate concentrates on year-round, post-donation “stewardship” messaging that keep donors aware of special events, occasions, and important milestones.  These messages reinforce the value that their donations do indeed make a difference.

MOTIVATE: Tie heart String to Purse Strings… Planting the seeds for growth is key to keeping your donor base engaged.  We know it is easier to retain current supporters than it is to generate new ones.  By showing your appreciation in every communication, it serves to preserve, and strengthen, your relationship.  As your relationship grows, it increases your chance of ongoing success.

Motivate serves to strengthen the relationship with existing donors through a suite of communications supporting various stewardship activities – leading to the next “ask.”

Our Inspire, Advocate and Motivate campaigns drive fundraising revenue, build a strong foundation of pride donations and further cultivate existing donors who will support the program for years to come.

Based on our more than 30 years of direct marketing experience, we understand the challenges and road blocks the collegiate world will inevitably experience when planning and launching donor campaigns. With over 150 collegiate clients, PPI Loyalty is your perfect partner for all your fundraising efforts.

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