DME’s Personal Touches Give ACEP Members the VIP Treatment


Personalized member booklets sent


pURL visits


Response rate

DME understood how important it was for the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) to keep its members informed and supplied with relevant information. Because there are different membership tiers and the 22,000 physicians members are geographically diverse, DME suggested making the annual membership booklet more personal.

3,665 personalized membership booklets that have been sent to renewing, new and existing members and included a pURL for the recipient to visit. 217 members viewed their pURL which led to a response rate of 5.92%.

The Challenge

Large organizations struggle with providing relevant and up-to-date information to members in a timely manner. Because most large organizations have members nationwide, or even cater to internationals, the same information may not be informative or interesting to all.

The ACEP suffered from these challenges as well as lack of traffic to their website. The ACEP desired members to view their website to receive information about renewing their membership, the full benefits they are entitled to and seeing future chapter meeting dates and locations.

The Solution

DME worked with ACEP to create a personalized membership booklet for members that would drive traffic to their websites via pURLs. The ACEP had previously mailed members a booklet but it did not cater to them in a personalized way. The new booklet would include personalized membership benefits based on the type of member and number of years with the organization as well as specific geographical information. The member booklet and personalized URL were segmented into six different types to target the specific moment in a member’s career. The segments include: medical student, transitioning success, active sustaining, active life satisfaction, international and residents survival.