Direct mail and campaign tracking & analytics

DME’s data analysts will give you the insight to see exactly which campaigns meet or exceed standards and which can be improved. Knowledge leads to improvement.

Campaign Tracking & Analytics

There are a few questions that marketer asks in response to each campaign: What was the response rate? What was the return on investment? What was the cost per conversion? And most importantly, do we consider this campaign a success?

DME’s database marketing services:

  • Response analysis - determine most productive marketing campaigns
  • Statistical modeling - suggest the best combination of drops and targets
  • Demographic and lifestyle profiling - understand your best customers and prospects
  • Data mining - uncover trends, clusters and anomalies
  • ROI analysis - demonstrate how to get the best customers for the least expense

Data-Driven Decision Making

After a campaign is complete, the cycle starts over with analysis to find, refine and understanding your best customers and prospects. Data is the most important ingredient for ongoing successful direct marketing campaigns.

Our team will help you:

  • Uncover customer profiles and models
  • Pinpoint look-a-like prospects
  • Find high opportunity areas
Our data-driven decision making can help you find and acquire new customers faster, broaden your relationships with existing customers and more effectively utilize your database marketing dollars.