DME Sets Industry Standard with Marketing and Data Management Platform


Response rate increase


Revenue per order increase


Response Rate

Rather than adding to AutoNation’s host of software vendors and providing them another marketing and data management system, DME custom built a platform to do it all. DME’s platform, called Red Rocket Technology, eliminated the need for AutoNation’s over 80 marketing vendors. This seamless platform better managed the company’s information that spread across 373 locations, 17 different states, 35 different brands and over 1,100 different variables. The management of this information and the ease of access of the software left AutoNation with a lot more time to devote to customer service, follow up marketing and new sales marketing.

Because of DME’s new technology platform that allowed for more easily accessible data for personalization, AutoNation saw a 53% increase in response rates in marketing campaigns. Each order, either service or sales related, saw an increase of 11% in revenue. Finally, the platform eliminated over $2.3 million in unnecessary marketing costs.

The Challenge

The automotive industry faces the challenge of better managing ever-changing information in a cost effective way. Managing data across locations, across vehicle brands and models and providing customers with up-to-date and relevant marketing materials can be costly. Customer information management can be a job in and of itself without the proper technology to assist.

Because AutoNation is such a large company it faced these challenges on an exponential level. Current processes were bogged down due to multiple data storage systems and multiple operational processes across locations. Marketing campaigns for service and new sales were focused around direct mail pieces that were pre-printed shells with overlaid with non-targeted texts and featured very little personalization capabilities. Multiple marketing campaigns for multiple vehicle brands left AutoNation with over 2 million irrelevant pre-printed shells a year that featured out-of-date slogans or car makes.

The Solution

DME was able to offer AutoNation technology that was unrivaled in the industry along with a platform that was created and customized specifically for their needs. The Red Rocket Technology Platform provides a single source of truth for clients and contains valuable insight into a company’s sales and service success. Red Rocket creates sales and marketing lists, reports and analytics to make AutoNation better, faster and smarter every day. The system also ensures data hygiene, consolidating customer variables and feedback into one platform that makes marketing campaigns much more successful.

DME also offered AutoNation new production technology that would greatly decrease overhead cost for printing their direct mail pieces while creating more targeted campaigns. DME was able to reduce inventory, manage multiple brands and process multiple orders in the same print run. The technology eradicated the need for any pre-printed shells or storage. Each mail piece is customized to show each individual’s exact car model or specify which service was due.