The Best Posts for Each Social Media Account

It’s a well-known fact that social media has become a crucial part of modern marketing. I don’t need to waste your time preaching this to you. We are constantly reading and hearing about the importance of being engaged on Facebook and Twitter to build our brand. Nobody, however, seems to have an answer for how exactly we should engage on these social networks.

“Make sure you are active on social media and post engaging content!” Okay great, but how exactly do I do this? After doing our own research on what works and what doesn’t when posting to social media, we have discovered the best ways to use each unique platform. The best way to get your page noticed and improve your fan engagement is to stand out. Post what others aren’t posting. People are always mindlessly scrolling through their feeds until they see something worthy of stopping and looking. Here are the best ways to accomplish this with each platform.


For the average Facebook user, much of their News Feed will consist of status updates that feature just text with an occasional photo or video. To compete with these posts, it is important to be as visual as possible. Promoting a holiday sale or new offer should not just be a simple sentence. Create a nice visual like a photo or graphic that can go along with your text. The same goes for linking to an article or blog. Just including the URL link will not draw in a lot of eyes. Be sure the link includes a clickable image that users’ eyes will be drawn to.


Typically, your LinkedIn feed will be filled with notifications that people have new connections, skills or jobs. If you follow “influencers” you are likely to see a large number of links to articles and maybe some infographics. Posting content similar to what your influencers post won’t nearly be enough. Mix it up! Throw in an update with just text to stand out from the rest. In our experience, updates with just text received the most attention of any other post type on LinkedIn. It’s possible that this is because too many links and articles can appear spammy. A post that is honest advice without being clickbait is refreshing to many LinkedIn users. Being visual is great but sometimes it’s necessary to change things up.


For a business on Twitter, you must not lose sight of why people followed you in the first place. Most likely it was to learn more and not to be advertised to. Tweeting out informative bits like statistics or industry advice is a great way to earn favorites and retweets. Like all social networks, Twitter is flooded with links to try and earn click-throughs. Keep your followers guessing by posting different types of content on a regular basis. Links to your blog will be great for driving web traffic, but it will be the interesting and informative tweets that earn the most retweets and boost your visibility.