Marketing planning

Effective marketing campaigns are more than just advertisements. Complex campaigns utilize a variety of media outlets with a well thought out sequence of messages over a planned timeframe. They support your brand and connect it to your position in the marketplace. Most importantly, direct marketing campaigns “ask” for something via a specific call to action. The ask is then tied to reporting for detailed analysis.

It all starts with knowing your goals and then the challenge begins!

Quantify Goals

  • New Leads/Customers
  • Increase Revenue

Budget and ROI

  • Cost of Impressions
  • Cost of Conversion
  • Added Revenue
  • Calculate ROI

Strategy and Ideas

  • Retention
  • Acquisition

Enhance your Data

  • Focused
  • Targeted
  • Emotionally Engaging

Choose Media Outlets

Keep It Short and Simple

  • Grab Attention & Engage
  • Clear Call to Action

Reaction & Action

  • Get Your Team Excited
  • Detailed Plan to Handle Response

Test, Test and Test

  • Isolate Each Component
  • Test vs. Control

Measure, Measure and Measure

  • Plan to Capture Data
  • Analyze, Identify, Modify and Improve

We help turn plans into profits!

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