PODi’s AppForum Increases Ticket Sales with DME’s Marketing Campaign


Response rate


Response to webisodes


Winner of Gold ADDY

Rather than creating a single media campaign to promote the AppForum event, DME created a multi-facet campaign following a character named “Herman”. Herman was meant to be so relatable to prospects in all of his trials and tribulations that he inspired action – namely purchasing tickets for the event. The campaign involved webisodes featuring Herman, direct mail pieces, emails, and pURLs.

The campaign received an overall response rate of 7.5% and the webisodes alone received a response rate of 4%. For the campaign, DME was presented with a Gold ADDY award in both the Best of Show- Electronic and Judges’ Choice.

The Challenge

Every year PODi hosts the AppForum, where people within the digital printing industry come together to equip themselves with business building market research, sales tools, training and digital print technology updates.

In the past they struggled with creating relevant and interesting content that was consistent across all channels. Most importantly, they had struggled with creating a marketing plan that highlighted their whole purpose: get people to be motivated enough to register for the event.

The Solution

DME’s campaign featured Herman – the disgruntled print professional whose company is living in the dark ages. DME wrote scripts, selected talent, designed sets and filmed the videos in-house. The result was 8 videos, with each being able to be personalized to feature a name, company name, location and other criteria. Once the videos were created, focus shifted to the direct mail and email portions of the campaign. Using existing lists, postcards were sent to 10,000 potential attendees featuring their name and a pin code for their unique pURL. When they visited their site, they triggered a DRIP email campaign that would alert them to the new webisodes when they premiered.