Tweet Wrap Goes Viral with Giveaway

The early December launch of the site coincided with the audience getting excited about the holidays, and the site went viral almost immediately. The free rolls were gone in less than a day. The site garnered mentions on dozens of influential blogs, including Time Magazine Techland and Mashable, and was featured in the offline press on CNBC and the UK Globe and Mail.

The Challenge

Create wrapping paper customized with tweets.

That was the simple idea behind “Tweet Wrap”, the holiday hit created for Samsung. The objective was to promote the Samsung laptop, which includes an Intel core processor with “turbo boost”. So we created the “Boosted” campaign, a series of projects that “boost” different aspects of your life. And when your tweets get boosted, they appear on customized wrapping paper.

The Solution

The site experience was extremely simple. Choose a pattern, pick a twitter address, or a search of key terms on twitter, and your tweet wrap is instantly created. We gave away the first 3,000 rolls for free—and after that, users could order rolls of their tweet wrap for around $10.