Effective marketing campaigns are more than just advertisements. Complex campaigns utilize a variety of media outlets with a well thought out sequence of messages over a planned timeframe. They support your brand and connect it to your position in the marketplace. Most importantly, direct marketing campaigns “ask” for something via a specific call to action. The ask is then tied to reporting for detailed analysis.


It all starts with knowing your goals and then the challenge begins!

Quantify Goals

  • New Leads/Customers
  • Increase Revenue

Budget and ROI

  • Cost of Impressions
  • Cost of Conversion
  • Added Revenue
  • Calculate ROI

Strategy and Ideas

  • Retention
  • Acquisition

Enhance your Data

  • Focused
  • Targeted
  • Emotionally Engaging

Choose Media Outlets

Keep It Short and Simple

  • Grab Attention & Engage
  • Clear Call to Action

Reaction & Action

  • Get Your Team Excited
  • Detailed Plan to Handle Response

Test, Test and Test

  • Isolate Each Component
  • Test vs. Control

Measure, Measure and Measure

  • Plan to Capture Data
  • Analyze, Identify, Modify and Improve

We help turn plans into profits!

Would end-to-end strategic marketing advance your business?

We define campaign management as the “planning, executing, tracking and analysis of direct marketing campaigns.” Once your marketing campaign has been thoroughly planned out, then it’s time for tactical execution.


How do you effectively manage all aspects of a complex, ongoing campaign?

Once your campaign is planned, equally important is managing the actions and reactions. This can take significant organization and collaboration across various teams of people.

How do you keep everyone up to date and informed of status and progress?

  • Spreadsheets?
  • Email?
  • Cave drawings?
  • Watercooler chat?

DME’s experience and expertise can help here in 4 major ways:

  1. Being a part of the planning process, we know how our execution elements will come into play.
  2. Simply put, DME's communication abilities are the best! You will know what's going on at all times.
  3. DME's Traxion reporting platform updates results in real time. This allows for immediate knowledge gain and ability to react and act where needed.
  4. DME campaign automation tools ensure each step is programmed and ready to fire on time, every time.
Effective campaign management is key to successful marketing!

Marketing automation allows your organization to streamline and measure marketing tasks and workflows so they can increase operational efficiency.


How you can benefit with Marketing Automation

It helps marketers increase efficiencies with their…

  • Lead Nurturing
  • Customer Lifecycles
  • Customer Retention
  • ROI Measurement
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell

Successful automation alleviates the "heavy lifting" and allows you to concentrate on strategy and methods over implementation.

Every organization can benefit from automated marketing!

This isn’t just for Fortune 500's, Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) make up the largest growing segment in the automated marketing space right now. Even smaller "Mom and Pop" companies are successfully using automation as well. All industries can benefit by using an automation program. B2B (business to business) industries such as high-tech / software, manufacturing, and business services were early adapters of automated marketing. Many Business-to-Consumer (B2C) industries such as entertainment and media, restaurants, financial services, and retail–are adopting marketing automation to ease the effort — and improve the results — in maintaining and extending customer relationships.

Marketing Automation
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DME excels at cross media campaign management!

Marketing automation opens a whole new world of possibilities…

How would marketing automation help you get more conversions?