University of Minnesota’s media rights partner, Learfield Gopher Sports Properties, partnered with PPI Sports searching for a solution to increase fan engagement. Looking to add enthusiasm to the 2016 Senior Day, the University of Minnesota football program found a new way to do just that.

University of Minnesota Football

Introducing the Bomber Cap!

The Challenge

Many collegiate sports programs are regularly challenged to create new ways to increase ticket sales as well as stadium excitement and fan engagement.

The Solution

To build excitement for the bomber cap giveaway, UMN used a variety of social media platforms to spread the word including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As students and fans entered TCF Bank stadium, they were thrilled to receive a University of Minnesota themed bomber cap.

With the promotion, UMN created a winning atmosphere for students and fans. The campaign not only enhanced the Senior Day experience, but the fans were instantly transformed into brand ambassadors – connecting the fans to the UMN brand.

There was also one other winner on this Gameday, Subway. Learfield Gopher Sports Properties’ client, Subway, signed on to be the partnering sponsor. They were excited with the sponsorship activation created from a stadium filled with Subway branded bomber caps.

Due to the success of the bomber cap promotion, Learfield Gopher Sports Properties secured another sponsor for an additional 2017 UMN game.

To top off a wonderful Senior Day, UMN beat Northwestern 29-12!

One of DME’s many strengths lies in its ability to be a one-of-a-kind and innovative company that provides its clients with unparalleled services that cannot be found elsewhere.


DME Sets Industry Standard with Marketing and Data Management Platform


Response rate increase


Revenue per order increase


Response Rate

Rather than adding to AutoNation’s host of software vendors and providing them another marketing and data management system, DME custom built a platform to do it all. DME’s platform, called Red Rocket Technology, eliminated the need for AutoNation’s over 80 marketing vendors. This seamless platform better managed the company’s information that spread across 373 locations, 17 different states, 35 different brands and over 1,100 different variables. The management of this information and the ease of access of the software left AutoNation with a lot more time to devote to customer service, follow up marketing and new sales marketing.

Because of DME’s new technology platform that allowed for more easily accessible data for personalization, AutoNation saw a 53% increase in response rates in marketing campaigns. Each order, either service or sales related, saw an increase of 11% in revenue. Finally, the platform eliminated over $2.3 million in unnecessary marketing costs.

The Challenge

The automotive industry faces the challenge of better managing ever-changing information in a cost effective way. Managing data across locations, across vehicle brands and models and providing customers with up-to-date and relevant marketing materials can be costly. Customer information management can be a job in and of itself without the proper technology to assist.

Because AutoNation is such a large company it faced these challenges on an exponential level. Current processes were bogged down due to multiple data storage systems and multiple operational processes across locations. Marketing campaigns for service and new sales were focused around direct mail pieces that were pre-printed shells with overlaid with non-targeted texts and featured very little personalization capabilities. Multiple marketing campaigns for multiple vehicle brands left AutoNation with over 2 million irrelevant pre-printed shells a year that featured out-of-date slogans or car makes.

The Solution

DME was able to offer AutoNation technology that was unrivaled in the industry along with a platform that was created and customized specifically for their needs. The Red Rocket Technology Platform provides a single source of truth for clients and contains valuable insight into a company’s sales and service success. Red Rocket creates sales and marketing lists, reports and analytics to make AutoNation better, faster and smarter every day. The system also ensures data hygiene, consolidating customer variables and feedback into one platform that makes marketing campaigns much more successful.

DME also offered AutoNation new production technology that would greatly decrease overhead cost for printing their direct mail pieces while creating more targeted campaigns. DME was able to reduce inventory, manage multiple brands and process multiple orders in the same print run. The technology eradicated the need for any pre-printed shells or storage. Each mail piece is customized to show each individual’s exact car model or specify which service was due.

A great way to utilize a multitude of DME’s offerings is to combine direct mailings, pURLs and variable data. All of these combined features make for a strong campaign.

American College of Emergency Physicians

DME’s Personal Touches Give ACEP Members the VIP Treatment


Personalized member booklets sent


pURL visits


Response rate

DME understood how important it was for the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) to keep its members informed and supplied with relevant information. Because there are different membership tiers and the 22,000 physicians members are geographically diverse, DME suggested making the annual membership booklet more personal.

3,665 personalized membership booklets that have been sent to renewing, new and existing members and included a pURL for the recipient to visit. 217 members viewed their pURL which led to a response rate of 5.92%.

The Challenge

Large organizations struggle with providing relevant and up-to-date information to members in a timely manner. Because most large organizations have members nationwide, or even cater to internationals, the same information may not be informative or interesting to all.

The ACEP suffered from these challenges as well as lack of traffic to their website. The ACEP desired members to view their website to receive information about renewing their membership, the full benefits they are entitled to and seeing future chapter meeting dates and locations.

The Solution

DME worked with ACEP to create a personalized membership booklet for members that would drive traffic to their websites via pURLs. The ACEP had previously mailed members a booklet but it did not cater to them in a personalized way. The new booklet would include personalized membership benefits based on the type of member and number of years with the organization as well as specific geographical information. The member booklet and personalized URL were segmented into six different types to target the specific moment in a member’s career. The segments include: medical student, transitioning success, active sustaining, active life satisfaction, international and residents survival.

This campaign targeted the existing fans and keeping them engaged with the team. Sweepstakes are a valuable tool in raising brand awareness and building existing database lists.

The New York Jets

The New York Jets Gain 20k New Fans


Visits to the Jets website


Unique webpage visits


New email addresses

Because of the success of the Miami Dolphins marketing campaign, the New York Jets contacted DME for a way to captivate fans for the upcoming season. They had raised prices for tickets and recently moved to a new stadium, and were worried that those things combined would alienate fans. Together with DME, they decided to run a sweepstakes and launch a marketing campaign featuring an IMV, interactive message video. They also looked to recruit potential fans contact information for a more extensive and updated database list.

With the sweepstakes, the Jets saw over 75,000 views of the newly launched variable webpages. Of that number, 52,000 were unique visits. Because so many fans signed up for the contest, the Jets were able to add 20,000 new email addresses to their database.

The Challenge

Sports teams face the challenge of competing for attention and relevance in tough economic times. Because it is entertainment, and may be considered a luxury it can be easily discarded if fans are hit with financial turmoil.

Because of raising ticket prices and relocating stadiums, the Jets were concerned their fan base may diminish. They were looking for a way to show consumers they are appreciated and keep them immersed in the sports brand.

The Solution

The sweepstakes offered the chance of a lifetime to suit up in a Jets uniform and lead the team by running onto the field alongside the coach. Because it was a dream comes true for any fan of the team, it was easily promoted through many outlets. Alongside the promotion, over 200,000 emails were sent out showcasing a link to view an IMV and sign up for the sweepstakes. The campaign was so successful that DME re-engineered the video to be use in other Jets marketing campaigns.

DME uses one-to-one marketing strategy and VDP (Variable Data Printing) to boost alumni enrollment for universities and colleges. Using this methodology, Auburn scores by making alumni know they are still part of the team.

Auburn University

Auburn University Sees Alumni Association Enrollment Conversion Escalate by 21%


Total open rate


Click through rate


Increase in enrollment conversion

Using the Fanatical program, DME offers a unique marketing vehicle that combines powerful imagery with an added layer of personalization. The result is a one-of-a-kind personalized photograph to be given to each and every recipient. This conveys to the targeted audience individually that they are a special fan and their patronage matters. This marketing campaign can be launched electronically, by direct mail or a combination of the two to really drive the message home.

The Fanatical marketing campaign resulted in a 21% increase in membership conversion over previous campaigns. The email component of the campaign had 41% total opens, 21% unique opens and lead to 27% click through to the alumni portal.

The Challenge

Universities are challenged to increase alumni participation and renewal memberships. Universities have the added challenge of engaging an audience that is no longer actively associating with their brand, and can face the age old problem of “out of sight, out of mind”.

Auburn Alumni Association tried countless marketing campaigns, from the efforts of simple postcards to complex and expensive packages. What they found was that regardless of their campaign, the membership conversion never got beyond 1.9%. This conversion rate was in correlation with a decrease in membership base, decline in its programs and benefits and a dismal financial position.

The Solution

With the Fanatical program, two objectives became clear for Auburn Alumni Association:

  1. Increase membership conversion
  2. Drive quantifiable traffic to alumni website

Strategy: Create a plan using VDP for direct mail as well as email for alumni whose membership had lapsed as well as a larger list of past alumni.

To achieve these goals, the campaign focused on reaching alumni on a personal level and offering them a promotional photograph showing their name spelled out, on the Auburn field, by the marching band. The mailing package included a personalized letter with a perforated membership form, a return envelope and the photograph.  The Auburn Alumni Association also decided to offer a 20% discount for additional photos purchased through the portal by a certain date. Along with the mailing list, an email campaign was launched to a list of 29,153 email addresses offering online enrollment as well as a link to purchase the personalized photograph.

Once the emails and packets were sent out, the association received multiple calls a day in support of the campaign. The association received three to five membership pledges a day generated from the emails alone. During the first thirty days of the campaign response conversion rose to 2.3%.