Getting the Most Out of Content Marketing with Social Media

Content Marketing with Social Media

If you’re like every other marketing professional who doesn’t live under a rock, you know that content marketing with social media is now considered one of the most popular form of digital marketing, surpassing search engine optimization and pay per click.

So let’s refresh: content marketing is the way in which you create engaging content for your company or business in order to interact and bring in more people from your target audience. So how do you use social media, the top spot in digital marketing, to improve your content marketing?


Adding images gives visual appeal that people enjoy as well as a break up within a page. The downfall to this is if you simply just throw the image onto your social media, you need to make sure that the images work for each of your social websites. It’s important to realize that a photo on Facebook will look different than a photo placed on LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Twitter. The best way to prevent this from happening is through experimentation and trial and error.

I would suggest adding a stock photo that is personalized and includes your logo to any social media post where a photo would seem relevant. Adding text to your image is a good idea. If you write a blog, be sure to add the title of your post in the image. There is a ton of free tools online, where you can add text to images easily, Canva being one of my personal favorites.


This can be broken up into two different sections: having other people share and you sharing. Be sure to create social media sharing buttons to your website and blog posts so that people can easily share with just a click of a button. People will be more likely to share your post when it’s easier to do rather than copying and pasting a URL to their social site. I suggest using a plug-in to make this work for your blog posts – this will also easily track how many people have shared your post!

On the flip side, I would encourage you to share your own posts! Be sure to utilize all of your social media sites to get your blog post or new content out there and visible to everyone in your target audience. Don’t be afraid to “recycle” relevant posts months after the original posting date. As long as your content is still relevant, it’s worth sharing.

Of course, content marketing only works if you are consistently releasing relevant and high quality content, so be sure to stick with it and test out some new ways to get your posts visible! View how you should market your business.