What’s Up with a Corporate Communication Plan?

If for any reason the sales staff or account executives aren’t communicating in a consistent manner, a corporate communication plan means you still stay top of mind. So what should you be communicating? Think first about what your recipients would find relevant. By no means should you be blaring out in-your-face promotional messages every time you contact them. Go for a more subtle approach, but keep in mind some key points to communicate about your company: service, variety, knowledge and quality.

If it lends itself to your industry, think about using these communications to solidify your company as a consultant. Provide them with relevant trends, news and other non-salesy information. Make sure all of your communications are branded to your company (not a specific sales person) and hold value for the recipient. While you do want to include some type of call to action, it shouldn’t be a invasive one, remember you are giving away free knowledge. Contact information is sufficient enough or linking your business page.

Your marketing budget and resources will determine what marketing channel you can use. If you can, try to mix several different communication mediums into your plan whether it be direct mail, emails, mobile or pURLs. Our recommendation would be using email as the primary form of communication and adding a few here or there.

Having a corporate communication plan is a great way to support your sales staff’s efforts and pick up where they leave off! View our last post on relationship marketing.