What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail marketing is an offline advertising strategy that leverages direct mail pieces with creative visuals and sales copy to reach a targeted audience that has been identified as potential customers.

How Does Direct Mail Targeting Work?

When it comes to targeting it’s best to identify your ideal customer based on existing clients and their traits. This allows you to only send promotional mail pieces to an audience that has the highest potential to convert. The following are some demographics that you can use for targeting.

  • Age
  • Income
  • Education
  • Gender

Some companies take the hyper focused route and purchase psychographic characteristic lists with even more detailed information for advertising purposes. This information can include the following:

  • Personality traits
  • Lifestyle
  • Options
  • Attitudes
  • Interests
  • Habits
  • Social Status
  • Degree of Loyalty

How To Create A Successful Direct Mail Campaign?

A successful multi-channel direct mail campaign needs to include the following:

  • Understanding and segmenting data
  • Eye-catching creative visuals
  • Relevant and personalized messaging
  • A strong call to cation (CTA)

Can You Personalize Direct Mail?

You can personalize every mail piece to include names, different messaging and visuals. This is ideal for businesses who want to speak directly to the customer with relevant messaging and CTAs. This personalization yields a higher ROI when compared to traditional catch all messaging.

How To Use Purls (Personal URLS) With Direct Mail?

After segmenting your data based on known behavior you can further personalize your campaign by including PURLS on direct mail pieces. Doing this further enhances your personal messaging, CTAs, and increases your chance of conversions.