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There is No Substitute for Direct Marketing

Our continuing goal is to shorten the gap between conversation and conversion. Creating excitement and urgency, while showing value and relevancy, is the key to a high conversion rate. An effective multi-channel marketing strategy transforms ideas into actions.

DME delivers the marketing channels, strategies, services and solutions that work together to effectively deliver successful multi-touch, multi-channel marketing campaigns that achieve your goals. From the start, we ensure that we are in sync with our customer on Strategy & Vision.


Direct Mail

How often to do check your mailbox?

Consumers are inundated with hundreds of marketing messages daily and from an increasing number of platforms. It is hard to escape them. Let’s consider the idea that time spent with reviewing the contents of one’s USPS mail box as a chance to capture customer attention with less distraction.

Overall direct mail volumes are down BUT direct mail should still be an important part of a multi-channel marketing campaign. Why? Less mailbox clutter means competing for customer attention is easier. Marketers can win with mail…IF you know how.

The Key Ingredients:

  • Understanding & Segmenting Data
  • Eye-catching Visuals
  • Data Driven Content
  • Relevant and Personalized Messaging
  • Strong Call to Action (CTA)



Standing out in the crowd(ed inbox)

Integrating email into your multi-channel direct marketing strategy should be part of a well-designed marketing campaign. While email does indeed have a lower cost per thousand (CPM) and is quicker to deploy, your email and marketing messages are also competing in a very crowded inbox. Email is effectively utilized to add additional touches that can reinforce content found in their mailbox and to strengthen the relationship with your customers.

How to stand out in the crowded inbox:

  • Proper List Segmentation
  • Attention Grabbing Subject Line
  • Relevant & Personalized Messaging
  • Clear & Concise CTA



Personal URLs AKA PURLs

Not all your customers or prospects are created equal. Segmenting your data based on simple, known behavior, or detailed purchase patterns, will provide the opportunity to communicate with your customers on as personal level as possible to increase your chances of conversion. A PURL offers the ability to serve additional, and personalized, campaign related content and call-to-actions (CTA’s) that serve to enhance your mail and email campaigns.

DME has the technology and expertise to strategize, design, program, deploy and track PURLs that are tied to your ongoing, outbound campaigns.

PURL benefits include:

  • Fostering an Interactive Experience
  • Automatic Replies to PURL Visitors to Strengthen Interest
  • Real Time Customer Activity to your Sales Team
  • Data Collection for Future Campaign use

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Traxion Customer Insights

Measuring & Understanding Success

After a campaign is complete, understanding the behavior of your customers is most important to future improvement. Traxion Customer Insights is our proprietary, real-time, campaign reporting platform that provides a deeper understanding into customer behavior.

Traxion users have password protected access to their ongoing campaigns that report on:

  • Realtime USPS daily mail tracking
  • Email opens, bounces, click-throughs and more
  • Incoming phone calls for metrics, review and improvement
  • Review overall PURL campaign and individual activity