DME Delivers has a history of exploring the cutting edge of technology. 3D printing is no exception. As 3D printing continues to evolve, we believe it has great potential for DME’s future.

DME is currently experimenting in the 3D figurine market for business and consumer use.

Other potential use may be found in the industries such as photography, gaming, fashion, medical, fitness, merchandising, and architectural design.

Architectural design and build is heading to a whole new level. Apis Cor recently printed an entire house utilizing concrete and if that isn’t amazing enough, they did it in just 24 hours.

DME has invested in Cobra, a full body scanner designed specifically to deliver superior studio and event experiences. Our machine can capture every expression, and feature, in seconds. This ‘photography studio’ has 128 Canon DSLRs and 7 strobes which allows us to capture photos for a 360-degree rendering of any person, family or pet, or a group of willing subjects!

With very short scan times, we can service an astonishing approximately 450 people in an 8-hour period. We are now exploring off-site events where we can transport a portable Cobra. This is ideal for trade shows, sporting events and other high traffic events.

Figurines range from 4-14 inches in height, and themes include action figurines, holiday ornaments, wedding cake toppers, game avatars and so much more. We understand every wedding is different so if the bride and groom prefer not to see each other dressed in your wedding attire until wedding day, we have you covered. We can take photos of you individually and then Photoshop both of you together.

All our products are photo-realistic, high resolution, and hand finished, ensuring you receive the highest quality. This is just the beginning for DME Delivers and 3D printing. In the future, we will expand and scale our 3D solutions.

If you are going to NACDA. in Orlando in June, look for our booth which will feature a mobile 3D printer!