Gain More “Organic” Traffic with Googles New AdWords Update

What It Is:

First of all, the old format limited advertisers to 25 characters for the title. Businesses had a 35 character limit for description line 1. In addition to a 35 character limit for description line 2. Googles new update showcases an improved two part title both having a 30 character limit equating to 60 characters. Most of all it features a description line with a whopping 80 characters. This update to me gains more of an organic search feel and seems to look more trustworthy for the customer.

What It Means For Your Business:

As a company we are now able to put more about ourselves and our products on our advertisements. You are able to increase the amount of selling points. For Example, “Free Shipping”, “30% Off”, or the actual price of a product. I look forward to generating higher click through rates and ultimately conversions as a result of our descriptive sales copy. I believe that hitting my goals will be more easily accomplished through this update. In the month of October Google is getting rid of all short text ads and your business must begin transitioning over to the new longer text ads immediately.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion online advertising is all about testing. Try 25 keywords out and after a month, review them and “trim the fat”/include new ideas. Use this same technique with your Ads. Try out 3-4 Ads in an ad group and the 1-2 that are converting the highest keep and the other 1-2 I recommend editing or starting over. The beauty of Google AdWords is in its track ability. If you are organized, never stop testing, changing, and learning over time you will notice increases in clicks, click through rates, and impressions. I believe that this will be a great opportunity for our company to sell our product easier and to let the customer know exactly what they are buying. Therefore, this new style will raise the CTR and in turn lower the bounce rate on our sites.

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