Pokemon Marketing – Gotta Market ‘Em All!

You have probably seen them. If you play, you get it. If not, you are wondering what the heck I’m talking about. No, I am not referring to the Walkers from the Walking Dead. I am talking about Pokemon Marketing. Everyone has caught the Pokémon Go fever by using the Pokémon Go app. Marketing to Millennials is no easy task. Pokemon marketing opens the door of opportunity to Millennial marketing. With over 15 million downloads and 46% of the users being between ages 18-29, this app has single-handedly opened up a plethora of Millennial marketing opportunities for any type of business.

A Few Quick Ideas

For example, I’ve noticed businesses brilliantly showcase Pokémon they’ve caught into their social media ads, showcasing their business with Pokémon players. Restaurants are offering discounts on their food for being part of a certain Pokémon team, and some even offer to help hatch eggs for patrons while they eat. Other businesses issue open challenges to customers, inviting them to play against their employees!

There are other clever ways to use this augmented reality app to benefit your business and ultimately drive customers to your storefront.

The point is simple: don’t miss out on a major marketing opportunity. While it’s little-to-no cost to you, it influences an audience that is difficult to reach: The Millennials. I’ve already formulated a couple ways I’ll be trying with some of our brands.

What types or styles of marketing have you seen by businesses to welcome Pokémon Go players to their business?

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