Halloween Marketing Ideas: No Tricks, Just Treats

Hopefully, if you are doing a pre-Halloween promotion, it’s already active or about to go live. But we wanted to recap some “screaming” good marketing from last year!


When you think of Halloween, one of the first things that pops into mind is haunted houses. What better way to capitalize on  haunted houses than those in the real estate industry? Trulia set up their own “Haunted Open House” and invited people inside. Then the magic happened when they captured everyone’s reactions! While this wasn’t an offer, it still has an entertaining factor and has the ability to create a “buzz”. Everyone enjoys a lighthearted prank, and this one is sure to entertain!


Chipotle went a different route, staying away from scary all together and instead focusing on philanthropy. While Halloween isn’t traditionally a “giving” holiday, Chipotle saw the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd. They offered anyone who came into a store wearing a costume a $3 meal with the proceeds benefitting the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation (a non-profit for sustainable food). Chipotle marketers know what all marketers should: people are more likely to buy from brands that actively give back or are socially responsible. Their promotion was great PR and was able to be measured on Twitter and Instagram with #ChipotleBooritoContest.

Progressive Insurance

Progressive on the other hand saw a free marketing opportunity and ran with it, encouraging enthusiasts to #DressLikeFlo. Flo, who you could say is the spokeswoman for the insurance company, is a fairly distinguishable character. She’s featured on most Progressive TV commercials and radio slots for the company. Not only that, she’s become somewhat of a pop culture icon and her appearance is easily duplicated. Progressive shared their own Flo merchandise that was up for purchasing, free template and tutorials for you to achieve the perfect Flo look. Seeing your friends, coworkers, random people trick-or-treating is a great way for Progressive Insurance to further cement itself in your brain as a household name, and trusted brand.

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