Image personalization engine can transform any campaign.

DME’s image personalization engine can transform any campaign into something memorable and inspiring. Try it out in mail, email, web and more. DME’s unique solution even enables you to include personalized videos in your campaigns.

Incredibly Personal Websites

DME has a long history in providing our clients personalized websites (or pURLs) that not only create impact, but also effectively encourage interaction and provide a means to collect insightful data about your customer. With our effective and amazing image personalization, we can make the user experience even more memorable and allow you to sell your products or services like never before.

Email with Personality

Email marketing can far exceed your expectations with image personalization. Our exceptional process makes it easy to integrate image personalization in any e-mail design and you'll face no limits in terms of image volume.

Custom Tailored Print Design

Print is STILL an essential part of serious marketing efforts. As a digital and web-to-print provider for many years, image personalization was a logical addition to our commitment to embracing new technology. We can integrate image personalization into all variable documents in each and every one of your print campaigns. We not only deliver great creative and amazing quality, we also can speak to your customer intimately and personally.

See how it works!

Real-time, inline image personalization allows you to customize an image for print, web, email and even video! Personalization with DME goes way beyond standards such as names and addresses. Spice-up all media with image personalization. With our solution you'll even be able to deliver personalized videos in your campaigns.

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