Intelligent Insert Matching from DME

How We Do Intelligent Insert Matching at DME

One way we do that is with match personalization. Oftentimes our clients are hesitant to agree to match personalized communications because they don’t understand the process in which we produce this type of mail. Clients worry that their pieces will be mismatched, making them look bad. We can assure our clients that each piece will correctly match the name on the printed piece with the name on the envelope through the use of our intelligent inserters.

Intelligent inserting is the process of matching personalized documents with personalized envelopes. Our machines utilize a camera to scan a printed barcode that recognizes, organizes, and verifies that the match is indeed correct. If the records are mismatched, the computer notifies the operator immediately and shuts down production. The only way to restart the process is through operator verification. This process ensures 100% success.

Before intelligent inserters, companies like DME Delivers used people to hand insert and verify accuracy.  With intelligent inserters, time and money are saved while providing a successful verification on each and every piece of mail.

The concept is relatively simple, but it is amazing to watch. This is the impromptu video we shot right after our client voiced their concerns.  Once they saw the video, the project was immediately green lighted and away we went! View our last post, Direct Mail Is Alive & Well