Making Your Landing Page Successful

Importance of Making Your Landing Page Successful

A high converting landing page should include a header, image or video, headlines, bullet points, contact form, an area showing your credibility, a call to action, and links. Let’s dive deeper into what works best for a company to get more business by making your landing page successful.

Your Header: A header should not take up too much room on your page. You need to save room for more information above the fold. Your header should include your logo and a call to action containing a reason for your visitor to call you such as “Call Now for a Free Quote” depending on your business.

Your Image: You want to create something professional that will help show your visitor the benefits you have to offer. If you post a video instead of an image, I’d suggest keeping it the point in around 60 seconds. The reason for this spot on your landing page is to put your best foot forward and show what you have to offer.

Your Headline: This will be the most read line on your page, which will determine whether or not your visitor will continue reading or increase your bounce rates. The key is to make it simple and straightforward. Your sub-headline will need to include your benefits and selling points as well.

Your Body: After your sub-headline, you should explain all of your benefits and reasons why your visitor should contact you. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to read all of your text. They’ll most likely skim it. To keep their minds focused, try using short paragraphs and bullet points. Short, sweet, and to the point is what will keep your visitor on your landing page.

Your Form: Not everyone browsing the internet is going to be ready to call you. Make it easy for them to submit their information in return for some of your information. This form should include a call to action that will reinforce why your visitor should leave their personal information. Keep the form simple: request their name, email address, phone number, and a comments field.

Your Proof: How will your visitor know if you are a credible and trustworthy business without some proof? This could include your social media accounts feed, a few testimonials, or logos from well-known clients or media outlets that your business has been featured in. If you have received any awards, this is the place to put the logos or list the awards.

Your Call to Action: Reinforce your call to action and include a phone number for your visitors to call you rather than making them scroll up to the top of the page to find it. Remind them of why they should take action and give you a call.

Your Links: Keep your likes in the footer of your page to allow your visitor to explore other options if they need to. You should also include your privacy policy, terms and conditions, a contact page link, your phone number and physical address in your footer.

Follow these basic steps to gain a better presence on the internet, which can ultimately lead to additional conversions.

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A landing page featuring all of the above will turn out to be more successful in converting leads than a simple link to your website’s homepage. A high-converting landing page will hopefully increase your revenue as long as you have a trained sales team who is willing to put in the work to reach out to your leads and finish the sale.