5 Great Ways to Market Under a Tight Budget

Video Marketing Budget – Vimeo

Vimeo is one of the most widely used video platforms that cost nothing for a basic account. I’ve used Vimeo for testimonials, podcasts, and recorded webinars. This allows you to keep followers engaged with your content through a cost-free video application. Keeping the budget low and keeping your audience informed only means a win-win situation for the business and your interaction with current and potential customers.

Be a King (or Queen) at Blogging

Effective and quality content is king. Blogging is the perfect way to establish credibility, increase engagement with current and future customers, and—you guessed it—it’s free! There are dozens of blog sites you can register on and publish quality information that is relevant to your company. Most importantly, a quality blog helps with SEO and can increase unique visitors to your website.

You Get a Survey, and You Get a Survey…

Whether it’s product feedback, conference opinions, or customer service inquiries, surveys are essential to knowing how well you’re doing and where you can improve. I’ve used SurveyMonkey for conference feedback, and I was able to help improve the next conference. Accounts range from free to $85 per month as a Platinum user, making surveys affordable for all companies.

Retarget Marketing


Retargeting acts as a reminder that either your “window shopping” customers or shopping cart abandoners need to revisit your website to finish the desired call to action. This is also perfect for branding. Through my past experiences, retargeting typically:

• Costs a considerably less amount than the initial ad group
• Contains eye-catching banner ads
• Has high click-through rates and increased conversions

There’s plenty of opportunity missed when you’re not retargeting. Try it and see the impact on ROI.

Bing Ads

Similar to Google AdWords, Bing Ads presents a very similar advertising opportunity at a smaller cost. Using a CPC strategy, I’ve noticed that Bing Ads generate more clicks to our website on a lower PPC than Google AdWords.

I hope you find the same success in using these five options as I have. If you have ideas or ways to minimize marketing budgets, comment below or visit our blog page!

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5 Great Ways to Market Under a Tight Budget
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5 Great Ways to Market Under a Tight Budget
Many small businesses have a budget they have to consider when it comes to marketing. Here are 5 ways you can be active in digital marketing without going over budget.
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