DME’s Season Ticket Holder Acquisition Direct Marketing Program Triumphs with High Revenue


Million in new ticket sales


Renewal rate


New season seats purchased

The Miami Dolphins are familiar with DME’s numerous services and have utilized a few in the past –direct mail, email broadcasts, database cleansing and reconstructing and variable internet pages. Until now, they only used these services separately and their use was sporadic at best. The team made the change to employ DME’s inclusive marketing plan and cover all channels of media to reach their prospects and existing customers more effectively. This all-inclusive marketing package reached their clientele from all angles, sporting unified branded message of the team.

The campaign garnered $3.5 million in annual revenue within the first year and is projected to bring in $13.95 million in its expected life cycle. Approximately 6000 new seats were purchased by 2200 companies and individuals. The annual renewal rate soared to 85%.

The Challenge

As many sports teams can attest, a dismal season can lead to atrophy of season ticket holders and new ticket sales. It is just as important to focus on marketing the team’s comeback as it is to make sure the team is prepared for a new season and to readdress team operations.

The Miami Dolphins finished the year with a poor record. To make things worse, their revenue and season tickets holders began to dwindle. A rebranding and an improved team meant the Dolphins were ready for a new marketing strategy. An all-inclusive strategy offered the best way to win their fans back and acquire new ones in the process.

The Solution

The Miami Dolphins approached DME with two goals in mind:

  1. Recover lost season ticket holders
  2. Increase renewal rates and new members

DME’s marketing plan covered all forms of media (print, video and email) and featured photographic personalization on team jerseys and the scoreboard. Both of these personalization applications contributed to the overall theme of “The Dolphins most important signing is… you”. Everything throughout the marketing campaign featured a South Beach and Miami style feel to cement the brand and location. The interactive video message was tailored to each individual and was available not only for a predetermined target audience via email and direct mail, but a link was also placed on landing pages on the Miami Dolphins website, partners of the team and affiliated media companies. Emails were sent to over 680,000 recipients and over 100,000 high-end bi-fold mailers were sent via direct mail to a database list. All featured the offer of a free personalized photograph with the purchase of tickets. Each customer became assigned to one of 20 Dolphin ticket sales representatives for a personal ticket sales “concierge” experience. The Dolphins achieved a digital asset that not only energized and motivated fans and prospects, but inspired partners, sponsors and employees as well. The willingness to embrace technology, marketing innovation and act decisively gave the Dolphins a successful ticket campaign.