Getting On & The Most Out Of Twitter For Your Business

If your business is not on Twitter, we have a serious problem. Social media is one of the biggest ways to get your brand out and in the open. With only 140 characters to use, you need to be smart with how you are using your Twitter account. We explore the importance of Twitter for your business.

If you haven’t yet, set one up. This is the first step. And please be sure to finish completing your profile. The whole set up takes less than a minute and if you don’t put the effort in now, you’re never going to. Some simple tips when getting started with a new Twitter Account:

  1. Make your Twitter handle something that’s easy to identify. IE: your businesses name.
  2. Have a good avatar and photo. Using your logo is great but make sure that your profile expresses what your brand is all about. If your colors are green and white, don’t upload a photo that is blue.
  3. Don’t forget to add your website’s link. If you want to be trusted on twitter, you must add the link.
  4. Find people to follow including people you know, clients, organizations you work with, and anyone of interest in your industry. And don’t forget to follow back!

Once you’ve gotten started you’ll need to get involved and engaged at only 140 characters. 140 seems like it’s not a lot but you’d be surprised just how much information you can fit into a tweet. Before you hit the tweet button, consider these tips:

  1. Message customers and followers directly by using @theirname and you will see how deep your relationships can get on Twitter. When someone retweets or tweets back, be sure to send one back.
  2. Use shortened links to save some space by using or this will save you a lot of characters.
  3. Don’t go #HashtagOverboard – No one likes the accounts that are just hashtags. Hashtag stuffing will only hurt your brand’s image. Use your hashtag wisely by considering what the most important part of your tweet is. What do you want your followers to take from your tweet? Make the hashtags part of your #tweet rather than throwing them in at the end of the tweet. Hashtags are a great way to be found as well. Keep an eye on the Twitter trends for your target regions for ideas for hashtags.
  4. Write tweets that are directed for your clients and customers. If your customers are bakers, they don’t necessarily want to see you tweeting DIY home improvements, they want tips on recipes or links to equipment on sale.
  5. Consistency is key when using any social media platforms but Twitter especially. Post daily but not all at once. Post a few tweets throughout the day which will allow for more people to see your tweets. Twitter is constantly updating with new tweets by the second, don’t get lost. An easy way to get noticed is to repeat your tweet a few times to make sure your message is seen by as many of your followers as possible.
  6. Finally, don’t sell. Twitter is a place to share, no one wants the high-pressured sales tweets. Use your Twitter account to get closer to your target market and identify problems or questions that your audience is having.

Now that you have gotten started, keep track of your performance. Using Twitter Trends is a great way to see what is working and what you should consider snipping. If you want to track your interactions, using third party services such as helps you see how many people have followed or unfollowed you. Use the data provided by Twitter to get smarter and use the service more effectively.

Twitter on my fellow Tweeters!

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