The New York Jets Gain 20k New Fans


Visits to the Jets website


Unique webpage visits


New email addresses

Because of the success of the Miami Dolphins marketing campaign, the New York Jets contacted DME for a way to captivate fans for the upcoming season. They had raised prices for tickets and recently moved to a new stadium, and were worried that those things combined would alienate fans. Together with DME, they decided to run a sweepstakes and launch a marketing campaign featuring an IMV, interactive message video. They also looked to recruit potential fans contact information for a more extensive and updated database list.

With the sweepstakes, the Jets saw over 75,000 views of the newly launched variable webpages. Of that number, 52,000 were unique visits. Because so many fans signed up for the contest, the Jets were able to add 20,000 new email addresses to their database.

The Challenge

Sports teams face the challenge of competing for attention and relevance in tough economic times. Because it is entertainment, and may be considered a luxury it can be easily discarded if fans are hit with financial turmoil.

Because of raising ticket prices and relocating stadiums, the Jets were concerned their fan base may diminish. They were looking for a way to show consumers they are appreciated and keep them immersed in the sports brand.

The Solution

The sweepstakes offered the chance of a lifetime to suit up in a Jets uniform and lead the team by running onto the field alongside the coach. Because it was a dream comes true for any fan of the team, it was easily promoted through many outlets. Alongside the promotion, over 200,000 emails were sent out showcasing a link to view an IMV and sign up for the sweepstakes. The campaign was so successful that DME re-engineered the video to be use in other Jets marketing campaigns.