The Newest Penguin is in Town…and it’s Epic!

This Penguin is Bigger and Better

Much like past versions, Penguin remains a unique, premium filter to punish sites that appear spammy. However, Penguin 4.0 now runs in real-time, which means the Penguin filter assesses the pages that Google recrawls and reindexes.

What this means for you: The data is visible, faster, and all effects take place quickly, both good and bad.

Penguin applies granularity to the website, devaluing spam by adjusting ranking based on signals rather than entire site ranking. In other words, Penguin might impact sections of a site, yet other pages can be deemed acceptable.

Is the Perceived Negativity Actually a Negative?

With the recent Penguin update, there are some hesitations and worry where links no longer count, thus reducing page ranking. According to Andrew Akesson, Head of Digital at Venn Digital in the UK, his client felt the effect of Penguin’s new updates and algorithms.

Penguin 4.0 Decline

Since the update, Andrew’s client has taken a considerable hit in traffic. The perceived negative is that the Penguin update can affect ALL links if it sees signs of manipulation, both good and bad.

I believe the perceived “negatives” are actually positives because they can be helpful in identifying which links reduce traffic now rather than dealing with a larger scale problem in roughly two years (the time it took the previous version of Penguin to red flag links and lower traffic).

Currently, I have not seen any changes with our retail sites or I’ll be happy to post or discuss any updates as I find them.

Did you notice any changes on your website traffic since the Penguin 4.0 update? What have you tried to overcome these challenges? Comment below or email

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