DME pURLs (Personalized URLs) are variable microsites that attract attention, inspire visitation and prompt immediate action. Personalized URL marketing elevates recipients into prospects, and from there, into new customers.

Bring on the benefits of personalized URLs

Effective PURLs


Improved direct mail and marketing response rates

Engaging PURLs


Variable, relevant content based on demographics and user preferences

Responsive PURLs


Mobile-friendly design creates ultimate user experience

Measurable Results PURLs


Pinpoint tracking and statistical reporting

DME will design, create and deploy your custom PURL marketing campaign.

The missing links between direct mail and digital – QR and pURL

Market with QR Codes

QR codes are the perfect complement to any PURL marketing campaign and can increase response rates by over 30%. QR codes can be integrated into just about any type of printed materials, and can trigger a wide range of actions on a user’s device. While many proclaim the QR code is dead, and will soon be replaced by NFC technology and augmented reality – QR codes are still a cost-effective, convenient and versatile tool in any marketer’s toolbox.

Incorporate Augmented Reality Marketing and Print Advertising

Augmented reality (AR) has the power to transform marketing as we know it - overlaying personalized text, images, or video over physical objects. This technology, coupled with the introduction of "smart eyewear" products, means we will soon see an entirely new communication channel taking shape right before our eyes. DME allows you to stay ahead of the curve with augmented reality direct mail, business cards, print advertising, and much more.
Integrating current and new technology into your current and future campaigns is key to successful marketing!