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As PPI Loyalty continues to evolve, even after 30 years, we pride ourselves on being an innovative leader in providing member/donor (aka member) programs and solutions to collegiate alumni, athletic and academic organizations to enhance ongoing relationships. We develop trend setting marketing and merchandising solutions that help each of our partners to monetize the full value of their brand.

Our Giving + Stewardship Approach

Our unique approach to alumni, athletic and academic loyalty marketing in the collegiate world is designed to inspire, advocate and motivate past, current and future members through a series of well-timed relevant communications. The goal is to establish, nurture and cultivate a community of lifelong supporters. Our program is comprised of three (3) member lifecycle-specific programs for establishing and maintaining member stewardship.


inspire Engagement

Our Loyalty Inspire program is the foundation for acquiring new members. The Inspire suite of products and services-supported by comprehensive creative and messaging strategies-are designed to convert the lapsed, or nevers, into members. We inspire engagement by making sure your future members feel valued.


  • Build awareness of member value via ongoing communication.
  • Express the importance that membership supports your school’s goals
  • Convey that long-term membership has intrinsic value.

advocate Engagement

The Loyalty Advocate program is designed to nurture and strengthen the relationship between you and your member community. For members of every level, the Advocate program maintains member- stewardship through a series of timely communication such as newsletters, project updates, announcements, reports and invitations.  Even greeting cards to say hi and thank you can be very effective.


  • Sharing emotionally engaging messages.
  • Enlightening supporters about special events, occasions, and milestones.
  • Reinforcing the benefits of being a donor.

motivate engagement

Our Loyalty Motivate program manages the relationship of your existing members through a series of communications supporting various stewardship activities. We understand that It is more likely for an existing member to continue giving than a non-member committing. The premise behind the Motivate program is to cultivate, strengthen and preserve the relationship with your existing community. Every communication needs to acknowledge the donation(s) and make the member feel appreciated.


  • Acknowledging supporters past donation(s) and appreciation.
  • Offering new and engaging Stewardship opportunities.
  • Adding intensity and setting the stage for renewal and the “ask.”

 Anyone can play the game.  We can change it.


Donor Loyalty Packets

Our signature piece, the Donor Loyalty Packet, will give your donors the ultimate representation of how their donations directly enhance the student-athlete experience.

The signature item of our Donor Loyalty Program is our customizable Mail Program. Our Mail Programs are scalable, affordable, and are a unique and engaging way to welcome or thank your donors. You can include a wide range of our components within your mail piece including:

  • Schedule Magnets License Plates
  • Calendars Luggage Tags
  • Window Decals Membership Cards
  • and more.

Our graphic design team works closely with you from conception to completion to design and brand the mailer and components to your exact specifications. Our in-house production, finishing and fulfillment teams complete the process, which provides a significant cost savings versus using different vendors for each step along the way.

The Donor Loyalty packet can also incorporate our very popular Gift Redemption Program powered by MallSystem. Your members are provided with a certificate within the direct mail package directing them to a customized website to choose from an array of gift options catered to their membership level. We individually fulfill all gifts and provide you with detailed reporting for future use. You may also utilize your existing gifts in our program, which helps reduce your storage needs and eliminate time spent on handling your own fulfillment .

Donor & Member Appreciation Gifts

Donations to your program, cause or institution are personal, as should be the post-donation acknowledgment thank you gift. Finding that special donor gift and recognizing the contributions they make is not just important to your fundraising success, it is crucial!

Our Donor Loyalty Program is completely customized to your institution or organization’s needs to ensure that a connection is made, and your donors feel appreciated. As the leading provider of donor gift solutions to collegiate development offices and alumni groups, we work with your budget and specifications to find the right recognition items for your donors. We offer a wide variety of custom packages and premium options for acknowledging each donor level.

Mail Program Components

PPI Loyalty maintains a catalog of over 800,000 custom manufactured incentive products and apparel. We work closely with media rights and licensing teams to ensure brand accuracy, consistency and licensing details. Hundreds of colleges and universities look to PPI Loyalty for high-quality premiums and incentives for their donor loyalty programs.


PPI Loyalty’s MallSystem helps you make a deeper connection with your donors by letting them choose their own premium gift. The key to successful stewardship begins by ensuring loyal donors at every level are shown appreciation. With our powerful proprietary MallSystem Gift Program, your donors can choose their own premium gift determined by their level of contribution.

Your branded MallSystem store is a powerful e-commerce solution that enhances and strengthens your relationship with your supporters. Our MallSystem programs help increase donor contributions by using unique and high-quality premium incentives.

We take care of everything. From the production and manufacturing of your donor gifts to the design of your branded MallSystem site, as well as the distribution and management of your inventory, we do it all! Our proprietary MallSystem platform is engaging and intuitive, all while providing a positive user experience on any device.

Alumni Member Kits

Our customized Alumni Member kits are a very unique and engaging way to welcome your new alumni members. The member kits thank your new alumni in a thoughtful, and cost effective, way. We offer a wide array of school branded premium gifts that can be added to the mail package and can include:

  • Schedule Magnets License Plates
  • Calendars Luggage Tags
  • Window Decals Membership Cards
  • and more.

As a full service direct marketing company, we handle everything from start to finish including:

  • Creative design to attract attention.
  • All print, production and fulfillment.
  • Sourcing for all premium gifts.

The Alumni Member Kit can also incorporate our powerful, proprietary MallSystem Gift Redemption Program. Your members are provided with a redemption certificate within their member kit directing them to a school branded and customized MallSystem website. Once there, they can choose from an array of gift options catered to their membership level.

We supply and fulfill all gifts as well as send you reports showing detailed usage. You may also utilize existing gifts in our program, which has helped many of our partners reduce their storage and eliminate the time constraints of handling gifts on their own.

Campus Orientation

Our customized Welcome kits are a very unique and engaging way to welcome your new students to campus. Our orientation kits help new students begin their transition to campus, generate excitement, build school pride, communicate important dates and information, and all in a cost-effective way. We offer a wide array of school branded premium gifts that can be added to the mail package and can include:

  • Schedule Magnets License Plates
  • Calendars Luggage Tags
  • Window Decals Membership Cards
  • Event Tickets Coupons
  • and more.

As a full service direct marketing company, we handle everything from start to finish including:

  • Creative design to attract attention.
  • All print, production and fulfillment.
  • Sourcing for all premium gifts.

Box Office Data Collection

We live in a world where detailed customer data is becoming more and more important for future conversion. You know plenty about your who your season ticket holders are, and you have information about single game buyers who purchase online. But what about long lines of walkups on gameday?

Our Box Office Data Collection program easily captures your walk–up customer’s information to use for future sales and promotions. It is easy to set up and use, and works in conjunction with our powerful, proprietary MallSystem Gift platform. Most importantly, it is very effective.

FANATICAL Personalized Photos

Celebrate and Commemorate the BIG game moments and thank your loyal fans. Our FANATICAL photo package is an inexpensive, quick turn keepsake that is designed to build upon your current Fandemonium!

Our FANATICAL photo products leverage the passion your fans have for your team, sport or campus, and will make a visual, emotional connection with each donor recipient.

Fanatical photo products are definitely keepers.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, your fans will see that their personalized images are worth a million!

  • At the Stadium
  • In the Arena
  • On the Field
  • In the Locker Room
  • And More…

Chapter & Club Marketplaces

The Alumni Chapter and Club Marketplace is PPI Loyalty’s powerful e–commerce solution which enhances your relationships with your alumni chapters and clubs. Your storefront is a promotional items platform designed to be simple, fast and user–friendly. In our Marketplaces, you can choose from many types of branded promotional items including apparel, bags, drinkware, home & office supplies, outdoor and leisure accessories, and more. Our Alumni Chapter and Club Marketplaces give you complete control over your brand and product offerings and doesn’t allow clubs to produce their own unapproved merchandise and logos.

We will fully customize the Marketplace to your specifications and brand standards. Additionally, we provide internal capabilities from purchase reporting to spending controls to give you the functionality and efficiency you need. We are experts in data driven inventory management, supply chain logistics, just-in -time delivery and more. We provide uncompromising excellence in all aspects of our operation as you, your clubs and chapters should expect no less.

  • Strengthen your connection with your alumni
  • Boost Chapter and Club growth and support
  • Great for chapter and club recruiting events, tailgating & game watch parties
  • Allow your chapters to only order what they need
  • No need to inventory on campus, we warehouse and fulfill all product
  • Complete brand control

Donor & Staff Apparel

Our Apparel Division supplies a full line of screen printed and embroidered custom apparel wear. We have thousands of garment choices and a wide array of name brands to choose from including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and more. We offer a variety of materials such as 100% cotton, 50/50 and other blends, as well as a full line of performance options. Our in-house printing services offer you the latest in screen printing and embroidery technology to ensure the fastest turn times and the best wholesale pricing in the industry.

Have something specific in mind? We can custom manufacture many garments and accessories to fit your brand’s exact vision and needs.

Schedule your apparel project time today!

OurBrand Apparel

OURBRAND is the easiest and most affordable way to order custom, high quality apparel for your team, employees, fans, members and donors. We only use the most superior fabric, materials and printing methods. OURBRAND only uses your brand on all of the apparel items making it the best way to showcase your brand, and only your brand, even on the locker tag.

Anybody Can Play the Game.
We Can Change It.

PPI Loyalty’s leading-edge portfolio of products and services are unrivaled. We focus on the individual needs of our customers, by embedding a wealth of knowledge, and from the experience in working with over 300 colleges and universities, into each and every donor stewardship and loyalty program. Our team of marketing strategists, designers and product experts work closely with you and your team to develop and deploy the right solution.

Loyalty Programs & Solutions

As the leading provider of donor gift programs, our everyday goal, and focus, is to continually create solutions that inspire your donors to meet your call to action. We offer a wide variety of marketing packages and premium gift options for acknowledging your donors. Our cost-effective donor loyalty packages can be used for specific campaigns, or included as part of our comprehensive donor solicitation and stewardship programs.

Premiums and Incentives Products & Solutions

To enhance our programs and solutions, we maintain a catalog of over 800,000 custom manufactured incentive products and apparel. To make it easier for our customers, we work closely with your media rights provider and licensing teams to ensure brand accuracy, consistency, and licensing. We are very proud of our approach to the marketplace. Positive feedback, and success stories from our collegiate partners, are what keep driving us to be #1.

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