This week we are off to New York for the ASI Show. For anyone not familiar with ASI it stands for Advertising Specialty Institute and features a plethora of personalized and promotional products for marketing your business.  Everyone is familiar with the tried and true marketing ploys such as pens and mugs, which are without a doubt oldies but goodies. So what else is out there for promotional purposes? We’ve looked around and compiled a list of the coolest and most innovative business products out there.

1. Lollipops

While this seems to be only in a conceptual phase, this artist re imagines famous brands and logos as tasty treats. Who doesn’t love candy? Showing off your brand and giving someone a sugar boost is a sure fire way to get your company remembered. Branders offers lollipops and custom branding for as low as $.14 cents a pop.

2. Personalized Wrapping Paper

Whether it’s marketing to your best clients or recognizing internal employees most companies give gifts around the holidays as well as end of a quarter. Because you have a relationship with these people, there’s no need for the gift itself to have your logo, but why not put it on the packaging? Personalized Gift Source offers a variety of wrapping paper options (you can even work with artists to design your own) that will be sure to make an impression.

3. Flip Flops

If you are trying to reach customers or clients who live in warmer climates, flip flops may be the answer to your marketing needs (I, myself, have a Corona pair). Stylish and fun, they are imprinted with your logo on the band and feature a cut out of your brand on the bottom sole. When the wearer steps on soft ground (such as the sandy beach!) your company’s mark is left behind. Check out this pair from ePromos.

4. Phone Cases

According to Kleiner Perkins Claufield & Byers’ annual Internet Trends Report a cellphone user checks their phone 150x per day on average. What better tool to use to promote your company? Brands like M&M’s and Nike do it, and you should be too. RocketCases offers a variety of phone case materials all with customizable options.  Another awesome option is partnering with OtterBox to make cases specifically for your employees. Trust me; your employees will love you for it.

5. Coffee Products

America consumes 400 million cups of coffee per day. So it’s no wonder this promotional market is booming. The Webb Collection offers branded Keurig Pods for the daily coffee consumer. Iclick on the other hand, showcases a tugo travel drink carrier for the multi-tasker. This coffee holder fits the standard, disposable coffee cup and fits snugly on the upright handle of your rolling luggage.

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Promotional marketing is a necessary part of any well-rounded campaign. Done the right way, with usable and innovative gifts, it can make your company stand out from all the rest.

What are you currently using to promote your business?