Enhance your customer and prospect marketing with highly-personalized and emotionally-engaging marketing communications – via data. Data is the foundation from which all successful marketing is built.

Beyond Your Data

Supplementing your customer data is no problem. Whether you need targeted consumer, or business, data, we work with some of the most trusted, and accurate, data companies in the business. We can quickly find relevant audiences for all of your marketing needs.

Focused Messaging

Our base program involves taking your data and combing it for commonalities to create a segmentation strategy. Messaging and visuals are designed to appeal to each segment. This strategy will yield an effective marketing campaign.

Targeted Messaging

Defining temperaments is our next level of data segmentation. If your data contains a business address and occupation information, we can append up to 10-15 additional characteristics to provide a well-rounded view of your targeted audience.
This data modeling process takes each individual and determines whether they could be defined temperamentally as an extrovert or introvert.

Temperament modeling leads to a better defined and more detailed marketing campaign.

Emotionally Engaging

In our most robust program, we use residential addresses to create a comprehensive profile of your customers and prospects. Appending up to 120 demographic and psychographic characteristics, we assign individuals directly into one of four temperaments: Passive, Aggressive, Analytical or Expressive. Detailed temperament models have their own unique and distinct response patterns and let us speak to these via highly-personalized and emotionally engaging messaging.

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