Know your customers. Earn their business. But how do you get to know your customers? Customer and prospect surveys are the answer and DME has the expertise to plan, design and execute. But the work doesn’t end there. Detailed analysis of the results is crucial to provide actionable items for improved interaction with your customers.

There are many types of surveys to benefit your ongoing marketing efforts:

Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty

  • Garner customer feedback/testimonials
  • Increase satisfaction and loyalty

Competition/Brand Awareness

  • Does your brand resonate in a crowded field?
  • Who do your customers see as your competition?

New Product Research

  • Does your product line or pricing need adjustments?
  • Will new product garner interest?

Once overall goals are set, there are still strategic decisions to be made:

  • Designing questions to yield impactful information
  • Survey timing
  • Large scale or drip campaign
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