The Best Tactics for Launching a New Product

As a marketer, it is your responsibility to promote your company’s products. This is especially the case with a brand new product that you’re hoping to introduce. This can prove to be a tall task when your product is a one-of-a-kind idea and there is no roadmap for promoting something of that genre.

Ensuring that your product gets off to a hot start is all about generating buzz before it is even released to the marketplace. Aside from advertising online and elsewhere, your success here is dependent upon how well you market to the public as well as to your own employees.

Here are three useful tactics for making sure your product release gets off to a strong start.


  1. Promote on Social Media

Especially in regards to a new product, it is important to gain as much free exposure as possible. With social media at your disposal, this task becomes fairly achievable. Companies today turn to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to announce their new products and draw interest. GoPro recently used a chain of Instagram posts to construct a large image of their new Hero 4 Session camera.

Posting the large image of the new camera using smaller, individual images helped build anticipation throughout their followers. Piece-by-piece images led to curiosity and lured followers into checking back to see the final product. In addition to this strategy, they also used a unique way to display their product on their page to draw interest and bring attention to the company.


  1. Market to Your Employees

It is equally important to draw interest from your employees as it is from your fans. Without a staff that believes in the product, it is far more difficult to get it off the ground. Help your employees familiarize themselves with the product whether it be through giving the product to each of them or by meeting and discussing all of its great features. This will generate an internal buzz in your company that will encourage your team to promote the new product on their own and get the message across to people outside of the company.


  1. Use Images and Videos

Sometimes words just aren’t enough to get your point across. Particularly on social media, people want to see what your product will look like and not just hear about what it can do. Images and videos can attract a larger audience for your announcement and can generate more curiosity than a simple press release would.

Put your creative skills to work and brainstorm some fun video ideas that would get people talking about your product and sharing with their friends. Consider a “How to use” video that is more informative than promotional so as to avoid being too “salesy”. Also, a simple photo of your product can generate some discussion even without a long description. GoPro, for example, used short captions for the photos in their Instagram announcement. A simple phrase like “Something is coming…” with a teaser photo is vague, yet interesting enough.


Before you present your great idea to the public, be sure you are prepared to do so effectively. Simply adding the product to your online store won’t be nearly enough. Get people talking about your product before it is even available.

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