In this blog I am going to cover the different types of searches that are performed on Google. Keyword & phrase searches can be broken into three main categories and they are the following:

Auto repair, auto shop, car service

City + Niche (Local)
Your city + transmission repair, brake service, car engine repair

Long-tail Keywords (City + Specifics)
City + fast break repair, quick oil change, best auto shop for brake service

Broad keywords are typically searched when people don’t really know what they are looking for. This is important to know because that means they are not ready to buy a product or service. When someone searches for broad keywords it typically means they are in the research stage.

Local searches (City + Niche) are ideal keywords phrases to optimize your website for.  The people performing local searches typically know what they want and are more willing to buy a product or service.

When you rank for these keywords you will also rank for very broad terms as long as Google knows where the person performing the search is located.  Which Google almost always does because they know everything.

The only down side in targeting local keywords is they are more difficult to rank for because there are a ton of people competing for the same keywords. When targeting these keywords just know it will take some time before you begin appearing higher in the search.

Long-tail keywords are searched when people know exactly what they are looking for, or at least they think they do.  People who find you using these types of searches will take up less of your time, be a stronger lead, and be more willing to purchase your services.

Even better, the more specific you are the faster and easier it will be to rank for those keywords. Many businesses ignore these keywords which make them ideal for anyone who is launching a new website.

This doesn’t mean you should target “Yodeling Orlando car mechanic” because you likely won’t get any business.  You need to target profitable keywords so put serious thought into them. When in doubt refer to the google keyword tool.

Now that you know the basics I need to warn you. Make sure you abide by Google’s polices. This means no keyword stuffing, no unethical link building, and do not over optimize your site. Remember when I said Google knows everything? They have things called robots that crawl your website periodically and they will know if you are trying to cheat the system. If you are caught, they will penalize your website.