With the start of the new year, we look back on our top 3 DME marketing articles with the most shares and views of 2014.

1. 5 Cool Promotional Products for Marketing your Business

In this article, we share a few of our recommended products for business marketing that are out of the ordinary personalized products. These aren’t your traditional pens and such that you can find anywhere. What makes these items cool is that they are either intended for daily use and have a convenience factor attached, or they are so unique you would be one of the few that are promoting your business with the item.

2. 5 “Simple” Features Every Web to Print Solutions Need

Web to Print was a hot topic in 2014 as everyone looks to make their internal processes more cost-effective and easier on their employees. While web to print as a concept is easy, a lot of solutions are needlessly complicate. We highlight what you should look for in a print marketing solution.

3. Why You Should Be Using A Multi-Touch Marketing Plan

Complicated marketing plans are intimidating to begin, so we addressed some common objectives and why you should persevere on in creating a multi-touch marketing plan.