DME's Traxion™ Customer Insights report provides a "deeper understanding" into the behaviors of your customers. By analyzing demographic, geographic and psychographic information, you gain the ability to find the best prospects and improve
conversion rates across marketing channels.

The report includes:

  • Demographic Characteristics
  • Geographic Details
  • Psychographic Profile
  • Segmentation Modeling
Demographic data for direct marketing

Demographic Profile:

The demographic profile section provides detailed understanding of the unique characteristics of your current customers. Each segment is explained by chart or graph along with a written description of the results and explanation of the associated ranges or values.

Greographic profile for direct mail.

Geographic Profile:

One important consideration when working with a brick-and-mortar organization is determining the importance of location. Specifically, we believe it is crucial in the development of a sound database marketing strategy to determine a customer’s sensitivity to the physical location of the closest location.

Psychographic profile.

Psychographic Profile:

While demographic data is the cornerstone of basic target marketing, lifestyle and interests give us a deeper understanding of the “day in the life” of your average customer. How does personality affect their buying habits? DME has the proprietary knowledge to help you gain that extra edge to generate action.

Temperament profile for direct mail.

Temperament Profile:

Certain psychographic traits—personality and attitude—are utilized to model and then distill into four distinct personas (Aggressive, Expressive, Analytical and Passive). We use a blend of demographic and psychographic characteristics, along with our modeling algorithms to determine the temperament of your customers and prospects.

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