Why You Should Stop Talking

We all talk. A lot. We want to have the answers, be the problem solvers for our customers. But we don’t always have them, or we do, but we can’t find the time to execute them. Our plates are full. Always.

So maybe we should shut up. As the old homage goes “actions speak louder than words”. That project you’ve been putting off. Do it. You say you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Honor it. Be a man or woman of your word. You could tell a customer or a peer how great you are all day long, and a lot of time as marketers that’s what we do: All.Day.Long., but don’t let that be all you do. Make sure you can back up what you are saying with policies, ethics and skillsets.

It sounds simple, and we all know it in theory. Of COURSE you don’t want to lie to anyone. Duh, it’s bad. But if you are honest to yourself, how often do you do it? Marketing walks the fine line of truth and exaggeration.

Getting out of your comfort zone or going the extra mile often results in great things. Shoulda, woulda, coulda doesn’t get you anywhere. Once your reputation is tarnished, whether as a company or an individual, personal or professional, you’ve just added extra hurdles to overcome. Not that those hurdles are fatal, but sometimes you are too tired and too downtrodden to jump them. So why set them up in the first place?

Be a doer. Be a goal setter. Excuses don’t cut it in the professional world and talk is cheap. Lead by example and success will follow. An outstanding reputation and unprompted peer or customer reviews mean much more than anything YOU could ever say about YOURSELF. Bottom line: Let your actions do the talking.