What makes our acceptance packages different?

Stand Out From Other Institutions

Give your accepted students a remarkable welcome with our exclusive Acceptance Packages. Elevate your university's appeal by delivering a curated collection of branded items that uniquely showcase your institution's identity.

Encourage Early Commitment

Inspire early commitment with our tailored Acceptance Packages. Celebrate acceptance and deepen the connection to your university with personalized, branded items.

Branded Items Leave Lasting Impression

Create a lasting impact with our Acceptance Packages featuring carefully curated branded items. These tangible expressions of university pride serve as enduring reminders, leaving an indelible mark on the students' journey with your institution.

Turn Students Into Brand Advocates

Transform accepted students into enthusiastic brand advocates with our distinctive Acceptance Packages. Branded items empower them to proudly represent your institution, fostering a lasting sense of community and pride.

Boost Social Engagement

Elevate your university's online presence by leveraging our Acceptance Packages to boost social engagement. Encourage students to share their excitement on social media as they proudly showcase the branded items that celebrate their acceptance to your institution.

1-to-1 Personalized Experience

Deliver a truly personalized acceptance experience with our tailored packages. Each item is carefully chosen to create a meaningful connection, ensuring that every accepted student feels valued and uniquely welcomed into your university community.

Popular Packaging

Enhance your acceptance experience with our sought-after packaging options. From vibrant boxes to crafted bundles, these solutions add excitement to the unboxing experience, reflecting your university’s unique identity.

Popular Kit Enhancements

We have over 1,000 other items to choose from.

Why choose us?

We know that selecting which college or university to attend is one of life’s biggest choices. Our team has the knowledge and experience to guarantee that your message is getting across to your future students in the best way possible.


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