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Versatile e-Commerce Stores

Donor appreciation, uniforms and onbording, employee appreciation, new hire kits, and e-commerce

Numerous Redemption Options

Once logged in, users can browse through your predetermined products dependent upon their level. Products can be redeemable via Gift Limit, Account Credits, Credit Card, Payroll, Deduction, or Purchase Orders. A variety of product filters are available to help navigate the shopping experience.

DME Picks, Packs, and Ships for You

After selecting all desired items, the intuitive checkout process guides the user to complete their order. All orders are delivered right to the recipient’s doorstep! There are absolutely no inventory hassles and zero waste for you.


Reward the team behind the team.

Bolster and enhance the campus experience for incoming student, donors, and alumni. MallSystem allows multiple gifting and revenue streams to be generated from personalized e-commerce experiences. Set levels for unique donor rewards. Gift incoming students items they selected themselves and will share with pride. Or simply allow students to purchase officially branded items.

Corporate Gifting

Whether distributing employee uniforms, holiday gifts, or just a simple token of appreciation to customers or donors, MallSystem is the simplest and most effective way to keep you organized.

New Hire Kits

When welcoming a new employee with an onboarding kit, the box it comes in helps to form the first impression they have of your company. Show new employees what your company is all about with a custom box, made just for them. Every business is unique, which is why we offer a variety of box sizes and products, fit just for you!

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    Store Types & Redemption Options

    Gift Limit

    Users can redeem the free gifts specified by you. Additional items can be purchased with a credit card.

    Payroll Deduction

    Employees can purchase items with cost deducted from their paycheck.


    Users must select a payment method or cost center predetermined by you.

    Account Credits

    Users can redeem items using the credits awarded/assigned to them.

    Credit Card

    Users can purchase any item in the store using their personal credit card.

    Purchase Orders

    Users must enter in a purchase order number to complete their orders.


    Why choose us?

    Here at DME Delivers, we understand that there is not a “one size fits all” platform solution for the marketplace. To address this, we made a large portion of our platform configurable…for today AND tomorrow. We created a customizable platform and user experience that leverages our passion and embraces what we do best; serve our customers.


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