Get your brand into the hands of your customers with printed catalogs

When searching for the power and tangibility of direct mail, but also looking for a piece to drive customers to an omni-channel marketing campaign, a catalog may be just what you need. Catalogs inspire customers to engage through various channels, such as through a website or an in-person visit to a store or office. They allow you to showcase your offerings in a single piece, which allows the customer to see a clear picture of what you bring to the table.


Benefits of Catalogs

Omni-Channel Marketing

Printed catalogs drive customers to engage through a website or an in-person visit.

Highly Targeted

Catalogs can be sent to specific customers who have previously made purchases or have shown interest in the past.

Brand Loyalty

Catalogs reinforce brand recognition and product awareness.

Common catalog sizes

When deciding on the right catalog size for you, think about how much information you would like for it to carry. Unsure of what will work best for you? Or do you have a different size in mind! Let us know!

Multiple ways to personalize, 1 convenient format.

Not only are catalogs effective in reaching your desired market, they can also be personalized specifically to your target customers. With DME Delivers’ variable 1:1 technology you can personalize multiple aspects of your campaign, such as the recipient’s name, images, messaging, and offers, all in one print run!

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More printed goodness

We offer more than just postcards. Look below for more printed goodness to help you achieve more.

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