Market Research

Understand your customers better than your competitors do.

Looking for quality market research to help understand your customer better than your competitors do? Our sister company, ROI Rocket, specializes in full service market research across consulting, financial, healthcare, B2B and consumer product industries.
Market Research

End to end expertise across a wide range of research methodologies

Market Segmentation

Comprehensive modeling and advanced analytics capabilities to develop segmentation strategies to identify core customers and prospect targets.

NPS Benchmarking

ROI joined forces with Bain & Company to produce Bain-certified Net Promoter Score® Benchmarks in 9 Retail Categories.

IN-HOME Product Testing (IHUTS)

Full Service IHUT services including procurement, warehousing, kitting, fulfillment, and shipping backed by an industry best 85%+ recall rate.

Digital Brand Positioning

Monitor and track the digital footprints and growth trajectory relative to direct competitors by analyzing consumer behavior across Website, Search, and Social platforms.

Varied Industries and Audiences

Our research spans the world of business to business (B2B), health care professionals, and general consumers.

Reliable Tracking Research

ROI fields over 500 tracking studies a year – our respondent depth and global reach allows us to confidently meet your needs.


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