How can we help you reach your alumni?

How can we help you reach your alumni?

We offer multiple styles and options of custom mailers and gifts catered to accommodate any type of alumni, from your biggest supporters to your most recent graduates.

Member Kits

Reward your alumni in a meaningful way through a wide selection of school-branded premium gifts. Add these gifts to your customized mail package, which can include schedule magnets, membership cards, decals, license plates, luggage tags, and much more!

MallSystem Gift Programs

Through the use of a school-branded MallSystem website, alumni can choose from an assortment of gift options, all catered to their membership level. We supply and fulfill all gifts, along with sending you reporting information on the detailed usage of the program. These programs have not only helped engage alumni, but have assisted in the reduction of excess gift storage and in eliminating the time constraints of your department handling the gifts on your own.


Why choose us?

Our focus is on meaningful engagement and creating an enhanced affinity to your brand. Sometimes the greatest gifts come in small packages, and recognition and appreciation of your alumni can never be undervalued.


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Are you ready to grow your alumni numbers?

Even the smallest gestures can yield the greatest results. We’re ready to help you with rewarding your alumni in a more meaningful and memorable way.