Create and personalize printed images

Whether wishing a happy birthday or cheering on your favorite sports team, FAN-atical is the most unique way to send personalized images for all occasions.


Why use FAN-atical?

Image Personalization

FAN-atical doesn’t just place your customer’s name into a written letter, it incorporates their name into the image itself!

Unique Keepsakes

Customers love to receive gifts in the mail. Printed and personalized images are both cost-effective and enjoyable!


No matter the vertical, customers will enjoy seeing their names written in the clouds, on a birthday cake, or even on the back of a sports jersey. The options are endless!

Common FAN-atical Print Sizes

Below are the most common printed image sizes at DME Delivers. Looking for something different? Let us know!

Personalized images that fit your brand

FAN-atical images are one of the most unique pieces of direct mail. Not only do they convey the information you need through eye-catching designs, they are also personalized specifically to your target customers. Choose from one of our designs, or create your own custom image…the possibilities are endless! FAN-atical images will have your customers smiling from the second they lay eyes on it.

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More printed goodness

We offer more than just brochures. Look below for more printed goodness to help you achieve more.

Ready to dream up your next big marketing campaign?

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