Benefits of our Commencement kits

Boost Student Morale

Not all students will be able to attend an in-person ceremony. Recognize the hard work of those graduating virtually with their own custom box!

Increase Brand Exposure

Include “Alumni” license plate frames, decals, or flags in your commencement package as an extra special treat for graduates, putting your brand on display everywhere they go!

Customized Packaging

Our full-color boxes and envelopes can be school specific, or tailored to each individual student. They’re sure to get your graduates’ attention and be memorable for many years to come.

Graduation Products & Apparel

DME has the ability to design, produce, and kit custom packages to include items such as diploma covers, grad caps, tassels, medallions, honors cords, and more!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Local businesses oftentimes look for opportunities to partner with schools in the community. By offering the opportunity to include a sponsorship message, some of the cost burden can be lifted off of your shoulders, offering a much more impactful package for your graduates.

Alumni Information

Prepare graduates for what lies ahead by including information about your school’s alumni organizations!


Why choose us?

Commencement is one of the most important days in a student’s life. Let us help you in making this big day even more impactful by building a commencement kit, designed specifically for your school.


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Are you ready to celebrate your graduates in a big way?

At DME Delivers, we know how to take an important moment and make it even more unforgettable.