How can we help you get the most out of your Letterman’s Club members?

Loyalty Mailers

Strengthen relationships and show appreciation for your donors in a unique way. Our donor loyalty mailers accomplish this by setting the table with a stunning interior and exterior design featuring your desired messaging.

Premium Gifts

Give your donors the items they want and can’t get anywhere else. Within our loyalty mailers you can include several custom branded components ranging from membership cards and decals, to license plate frames and tailgate flags.

eCommerce Gift Redemption

Through the use of DME’s own ecommerce sites, MallSystem and Connect, you can further incentivize your Letterman’s Club donors. By adding a gift redemption card into each mailer, your donor can go online to a unique website branded to your school’s specifications and select their own gift. Does your program have multiple tiers based on donation? We can generate varying gift choices based on donation level. The best part? DME will handle all of your inventory, storage, and delivery needs!


Why choose us?

Our programs are designed to go well beyond just recognizing your donors. We show them the value and appreciation you place on them. From our loyalty mailers to our personalized programs, our multiple platforms will shine a bright light on your donor groups.


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Are you ready to level up your marketing game?

It’s time to leave a lasting impression on your donors and show them how much you value their contributions year after year.