The Enrollment Journey

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Many colleges and universities don’t have the time, energy, or resources in place in order to execute an efficient end-to-end enrollment marketing campaign that ignites, captures and converts their ideal students. At DME Delivers, we specialize in Print and Digital Enrollment Marketing programs that solve your end-to-end problems. We have the team, experience and technology to help you brainstorm, design, create, shop, and fulfill your vision that accelerates your enrollment journey campaigns. And the best part is that we do everything for you so that you can save time, money, and reduce your stress while letting us do the hard work.

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Enrollment Journey

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Same day print and mail. Sounds crazy, right? It is, but also true. Our Programmatic Mail enables Purdue University Global to do just that.

Generate excitement and increase brand exposure like South Dakota State University by providing viral-ready items like Dorm Flags in your Acceptance Packages.

Streamlining the Financial Aid process by offering personalized data and information for each student like Lamar University can increase Yield.

Sending a deluxe Deposit: Thank You Kit Like Brooklyn College will show your students how thankful you are that they are pursuing their future with you.

Letters can get stale pretty quickly. Use our exclusive Bound Banner like Ohio University to create a lasting reminder and increase local brand exposure.

Include Coppin State logo and copy: Sending our Orientation Package Like Coppin State University did helps boost student participation and get them—and their families—ready for their next chapter.

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Retention, Student Engagement, Commencement, Alumni, Athletic Development, Tradeshow and Promotional Product Marketing?

Yeah, we’ve for you covered there, too!

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We're here to help you along every step of the Enrollment Journey with our print and digital marketing solutions.
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