Market to individuals, not numbers.

No matter if you’re printing a direct mail piece, sending an email, or creating a PURL, our variable 1:1 technology is capable of personalizing multiple aspects of your omnichannel marketing campaign. We inject your customer list into our Variable Asset Library where we create unique pieces that contain relevant images, copy, and data that is fully personalized to each individual.


Run seamless campaigns across all media types with Omnichannel Marketing

Target audiences with precision. Whether you have a current campaign that needs a boost or you want to start from scratch, DME Delivers can help you effectively reach your target audience with unique and relevant 1-to1 communications to every person in your target audience.

Develop Marketing Plan

We work with you identifying your target audience list and develop a plan and cadence to reach them effectively.

Build Asset Library

Our creative team works with you crafting variable messages and graphics to ensure a relevant 1-to-1 connection is made with each member of your audience.


Leveraging our powerful technology, we create and deploy unique touches across all channels including direct mail, email and PURLs to ensure that your cohesive message is seen across all media types.


Whether you have a current campaign list that needs a boost, or you’re starting from scratch, DME Delivers can help you effectively reach your target market.

Direct Mail

We create unique solicitations that increase your client base and keep them engaged, all while meeting budgets and generating positive ROI.


Integrating emails into your marketing plan reinforces your direct mail campaign and leads to higher conversion rates


A PURL is a personalized URL, or a campaign landing page, that is customized to each individual. PURLs are trackable, which means they can report on the activity of each and every customer. They offer the ability to serve additional information that can enhance direct mail and email, reinforce the call-to-action, and increase your chance for conversion.


Market to individuals, not numbers.

No matter if you’re printing a direct mail piece, sending an email, or creating a PURL, our variable 1:1 technology is capable of personalizing multiple aspects of your omnichannel marketing campaign. We inject your customer list into our Variable Asset Library where we create unique pieces that contain relevant images, copy, and data that is fully personalized to each individual.

How it works

Market with Omnichannel precision, not excessiveness.
Creating an impactful connection with personal 1-to-1 messaging is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign.
See how it works below.

  • Michelle

    Michelle recently graduated, lives in Kissimmee and is employed in the greater Orlando area.
    Member Status: Never
    Sport Played: Women’s Golf

  • Jon

    Jon graduated 10 years ago, lives in Miami and is employed in the Homestead area.
    Member Status: Current
    Sport Played: Baseball

  • David

    David graduated 25 years ago, lives in Tampa Bay and is employed in the Tampa Bay area.
    Member Status: Lapsed
    Sport Played: Football


After we identify your target market and develop a campaign list. We inject your list into our Variable Asset Library where we create unique 1:1 pieces containing relevant images, copy and data that is fully personalized to each individual person in your campaign list.


As email volumes continue to grow, recipients grow increasingly fickle about the emails they pay attention to. How do we cut through the clutter? After finding an attention grabbing subject line, the keys are proper segmentation, messaging that speaks to each customer, and a clear call-to-action (CTA). We firmly believe that integrating email into your strategically designed marketing campaign will reinforce the direct mail campaign to add to conversion and the bottom line of your organization.

  • Michelle

    Email Copy: Personalized New Member
    Email Imagery: Women’s Golf

  • Jon

    Email Copy: Personalized Current Member
    Email Imagery: Baseball

  • David

    Email Copy: Personalized Lapsed Member
    Email Imagery: Football


How often to do check your mailbox? You will notice overall mail volumes are down therefore less clutter means competing for customer attention is now easier than ever. Marketers win…if you know how. We strategically build attention getting solicitations to increase your membership and keep them engaged while meeting budgets and generate positive ROI for your direct mail marketing campaigns.

  • Michelle

    Direct Mail Copy: Personalized New Member
    Direct Mail Imagery: Women’s Golf
    Member Form: Prepopulated with list information

  • Jon

    Direct Mail Copy: Personalized Current Member
    Direct Mail Imagery: Baseball
    Member Form: Prepopulated with current database information

  • David

    Direct Mail Copy: Personalized Lapsed Member
    Direct Mail Imagery: Football
    Member Form: Prepopulated with databased contact information


A PURL is a personalized URL, or a campaign landing page, that is personalized to the individual. Not all your customers or prospects are created equal. A PURL offers the ability to serve additional information that enhances mail and email, reinforces the CTA, and increases your chance for conversion. A standard website can report on a macro level while a PURL is trackable at the individual level, reporting on the activity of each and every donor.

  • Michelle

    PURL Copy: Personalized New Member

    PURL Imagery: Women’s Golf

    PURL Member Form: Prepopulated with list information

  • Jon

    PURL Copy: Personalized Current Member
    PURL Imagery: Baseball

    PURL Member Form: Prepopulated with current database information

  • David

    PURL Copy: Personalized Lapsed Member
    PURL Imagery: Football

    PURL Member Form: Prepopulated with databased contact information


Donations to your program, cause or institution are personal, your acknowledgment thank you gift for their support should be as well. Finding that special gift recognizing the contributions they make is not just important to your success, it is crucial! Reward your new members with our Loyalty Programs and Packages.


We know how to market effectively

Whether you have a specific campaign in mind or need direction or guidance, we’re ready to help throughout all parts of the process. From curating lists based on demographic and geographic information, to creating eye-catching creative pieces that are guaranteed to engage your customers, we can build a comprehensive omnichannel marketing program, designed just for you. Not convinced yet? We’ll let our numbers do the talking.


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