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Direct marketing is more than just look good, feel good design – it’s cleverly communicating your brand and value proposition using relevant messaging, via words and imagery. We approach each direct mail campaign as a unique opportunity to help our clients strategize, design and deliver their vision to support the Call To Action! Our communications are targeted to your audience with engaging creative that connects on an emotional level.


The Creative Process

Creativity is an intentional and cognitive process that produces new ideas or transforms old ideas into inspired concepts that achieve intended results. The creative process can be outlined in two phases:


  • Messaging Strategy positions a brand in the marketplace.
  • Copywriters share stories about the brand that generate customer engagement and sell the brand via a strongly crafted, clear and concise call-to-action (CTA).


  • Creative Vision is an idea, or series of ideas, that spark creative action.
  • Creative Directors conceive an overall vision for each campaign.
  • Graphic Designers understand and execute the vision.


The Creative Team

Our creative team has the talent and experience to deliver consistent, compelling, results-oriented communications across all marketing channels. From our creative director, to our copywriters, to our design team, and everyone in between, DME’s messaging and creative team offers the experience and talent to tackle every marketing opportunity that our customers send our way.

  • Experience gives our team the ability to consistently elevate results.
  • Knowledge provides our visual artists the tools necessary to surpass expectations.
  • Passion for innovation drives our creative team to create award-winning design.


Data is very important to our messaging and creative services team. We combine campaign data strategy into campaign messaging and design to take full advantage of DME’s digital print capabilities. Utilizing 1:1 variable data personalization (VDP), we seek to achieve the right tone of voice, written and visual, that imparts a clear and concise CTA. We can do this at the segment level, and depending on the data, we can vary communications and CTA’s right down to the individual.

Multi-Channel Communications

Your customers are rarely found in just one place. They consume information over an ever-growing number of outlets and platforms. Our goal is consistent creative across multiple communication channels for the duration of a campaign. DME is experienced with maintaining consistency that generate positive results on all distribution channels: Mail, Email, Purls, Collateral, Large format.

Why Choose DME Creative Services?


Our knowledge of our production capabilities, from printers, to paper stocks to die cutting and more, is a leading force for our ability to deliver unique communications that generate results.


From day one, we work closely with our customers to fully understand their brand, audiences and campaign goals. We ask many questions to dig up even the smallest nuggets of information that help us craft successful campaigns.

Integrated Approach

We lead the way in determining the ideal mix of marketing channels so that every communication works in unison to cut through the clutter and maximize ROI goals.


We love what we do and we do it well. Each day we look forward to attacking the challenges our customers send our way. It is as simple as that.

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