Go BIG with branded environments

Whether you’re looking to transform a small office lobby or a huge sports stadium, you can immerse your audience in a memorable experience that captures the spirit of your company through large format printing. Propel your brand beyond the basics of graphic, interior, and exterior design with the help of our highly experienced design and installation service team.


What is a branded environment?

Our environmental branding service is a creative process focused on enhancing interior ceilings, walls, floors, doors and windows. We develop plans for high quality visual products to be installed in any commercial or residential structure. In essence, it’s applying brand equity to three dimensional spaces.

What does it accomplish?

The environmental design process results in enhanced workforce productivity and creativity. When we work on a project, we consider the brand, the purpose, historical preservation, lighting and more. The most effective branded environments create a space that appeals to all of your senses and establishes a consistent brand impression for every observer.

Professional Sports Teams & Stadiums

Need to overhaul your locker rooms? Redesign all of your sponsorship suites? Long-term and short-term designs for arenas, stadiums, and special events are right in our wheelhouse. We have years of experience with both permanent redesigns and event-specific graphic solutions at stadiums large and small with indoor and outdoor areas.

Corporate Office Buildings

Inspire employees and make your workspace feel special with lobby graphic vinyl wraps and decals, dimensional letters and routed signs, printed acrylic sign artwork, conference room graphics, and custom dry-erase whiteboards. We can provide anything necessary to create an office environment that is branded and pleasing to the eye.


Need some artistic direction for a brewery remodel? Starting a new restaurant and want to wow your customers with more than just food? We can help, with hardware from framing systems to wire tension displays. We’re capable of printing on wood, metal, plastic, vinyl, acrylic and much more. We’ll always use materials that can stand up to the high traffic and frequent cleaning involved in the service industry.

Retail Remodels & Renovations

Custom printed ceiling tiles, barricade wraps, wall vinyls, elevator and escalator graphics, frosted vinyl, floor graphics, and counter and cabinet resurfacing are just a taste of how we can use vinyl to renovate a retail space. We can also print new corrugated displays and signs or acrylic signs and standoffs and update your ADA and other permanent signage to reflect your new look. For more intensive renovations, we can even create custom floor-to-ceiling banners and flags to cover areas under construction without disturbing the look of the rest of the store.

Dimensional Letters & Acrylic Letters

Custom-routed foam or acrylic channel letters (routed signs) are excellent for branding boardrooms, lobbies, or even just hallways. Larger routed lettering looks even better paired with smaller vinyl lettering for full 3D effect. Polished, printed acrylic signs and stand-offs and flush or stud mounted signage lend a sleek look to everything from large museum displays to small ADA signs.

Custom Buildouts

With an on-staff general contractor, our project management capabilities are endless. We’ll take care of permitting, architectural renderings, excavation and construction, full renovations, shade screens & viewing decks, landscaping, and much more.

Benefits of using vinyl in branded environments

It’s a common misconception that a good-looking branded environment must be a very expensive one. The truth is, it’s easy to achieve a high-end appearance on a budget if you know what materials to use.

At DME, one of our main products is digitally printed graphic vinyl, and the reason it sells so well is that it’s incredibly versatile. You can print any pattern onto it for roughly the same price and end up with a look that’s indistinguishable from that of a pricier material.

Similar to the recent flooring trend of using durable ceramic tiles to mimic the look of hardwood, graphic vinyl has become popular for its ability to reliably mimic high-end materials. Looks range from wood paneling to fine marble and can be applied to almost any flat surface you can think of.

Our skilled graphic design department can find the right digital image assets to match the material you’re looking for, and our printing and installation teams can have your space looking luxurious in no time. All for a fraction of the cost of “the real thing.”

More printed goodness

We offer more than just a box. Look below for more printed goodness to help you achieve more.

Are you ready to stand out in a big way?

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