Be seen with printed door hangers

Both new and established businesses can benefit from using printed door hangers as a marketing tool. Door hangers can make a significant impact if you’re looking to target customers within a specific geographic area.


Benefits of marketing with door hangers

Highly Targeted

Door hangers target prospects by neighborhood, so you know your brand is being seen by the correct people.


Because of their simplicity, they are inexpensive to print and economical to distribute.

Guaranteed Contact

Since a door hanger needs to be physically removed from the handle, it is a surefire way to know that your brand is being seen.

Brand Recognition

If your business is new to the area, door hangers are a great way to get your name out and make people aware of you.

Flexible & Straightforward

Door hangers can be used in many different scenarios giving you total control of when your message will be seen.

Fully Customizable

Include your brand’s logo, full color photos, or even coupons. The options are endless!

Common door hanger sizes

Door hangers can come in many different sizes. Do you have something else in mind? Let us know!

Standard Door Hanger


Micro Door Hanger


Multiple messages, 1 convenient format.

Not only do door hangers convey all of your information, they can also be personalized specifically to your target customers. With DME Delivers’ variable 1:1 technology you can personalize multiple aspects of your marketing campaign, such as the recipient’s name, images, messaging, and offers, all in one print run

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